Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When it all began

As a child I had a fascination with paper. In early elementary school I was always writing short stories and illustrating them with my 24 pack of crayolas. Whenever I received a new type of paper to work with, it thrilled me. I still remember receiving a small journal that had glossy paper. I loved the way it smelled and the shine it gave. Immediately I went to work on creating what I considered to be a novel. I don't recall ever finishing it or what it actually was about, what stands out to me was the excitement of working with a new type of paper.

As a fifth-grader, I decided to start my own stationery company. Using stamps, stickers, pens and cardstock I developed several book marks. A simple hole punch in the top and a ribbon that served as a tassel, completed the look I was after. I also developed stationery and greeting cards with the same stamp, sticker and pen combination. Thinking my work was very professional, I decided to start selling them to my classmates, church members and relatives. I think the going rate for a bookmark was 5 cents.

Now today I am finally fulfilling my childhood dream of owning my own stationery company. Only this time, I've left behind the stickers and stamps and have stuck to what I truly love; paper. To this day I love the smell of paper, especially when it's fresh off of the press. There is something truly rewarding about seeing your creative work in all its glory printed on a beautiful smooth white piece of cardstock.

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